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Etena & Annie is a company that strives to strengthen the lives of individuals, through the improved corporate governance practices of organisations and businesses.


(Financial and Business Structure’s)

Etena & Annie will work with your organization to ensure that the business structures, the practices and policies you have in place are positioning your organisation in a place where it can flourish.

Etena & Annie uses the International Finance Corporations Corporate Governance Development Framework and SME Governance Assessment Tool to apply market standards, and make recommendations from robust gap analysis evaluations. IFC’s corporate governance policies, guidelines and tools are widely adopted as market standards and are embedded in operational policies by corporations, investors, financial intermediaries, stock exchanges and regulators throughout the world. 


Many organisations encounter legal and ethical breaches in corporate governance due to the way they allow their supply chains to operate. Whether it is through child slavery, in humane work practices, wage violations or environmental impacts, organisations are not paying the necessary focus to their supply chains. Business has a major role to play in improving the landscape of human rights through ensuring their supply chains implement both legal and ethical practices. Before practices become law, they are ethical practices. This is a very significant place where businesses can put corporate governance at the heart of their business.  
Using proven supply chain management frameworks including the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGP) Framework, Etena and Annie conducts in depth analysis to get a comprehensive view of how your supply chains are operating. We will make recommendations and help you implement those recommendations to ensure your supply chain is operating to UNGP standards. Supply Chain Management creates incredible opportunities for companies to set themselves apart from their competitors and inspire a growing, well informed global market.


The future needs leaders with the vision and capacity to understand the impact their organisation’s practices have on all their stakeholders, including the loud, the quiet and most importantly the voiceless stakeholders. Whether it is a hotel development, a proposed mining site or a sporting event, the effects that your actions will have on all stakeholders needs to be analysed in depth, it is a business practice that will result in your stakeholders embracing what your company stands for and how you do business. 


Etena and Annie uses AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement standards

(AA1000SES) 2015  to undertake an in depth environmental analysis on your businesses proposed project. Etena and Annie will make strategic recommendations, but more importantly has the desire to work with you to ensure the effective implementation of those recommendations.


Etena and Annie is passionate about aligning your business with exceptional corporate socially responsible actions (CSR). This can be achieved in a number of ways, including daily practices of corporate governance, tailored internal programs or extraordinary partner relationships. Etena and Annie is relentless in its pursuit to create  CSR programs and partnerships that will allow the soul and heartbeat of your organisation to be put to work, create an incredible impact on the environment you do business in and serve as a long lasting legacy for your business. 

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